helpful travel hints 

Things are a little different when traveling to a developing country so here you'll find helpful tips and tricks that will make your trip smooth sailing!

Airfare and Hotel accommodations


It is highly recommended that you book your airfare and hotel accommodations together as a package. Utilizing sites like Orbitz, Hotwire, Travelocity are excellent for booking travel packages and our recommended hotel is included on all of these travel sites.  You will save a lot of money by booking your accommodations and travel together.



Wherever you will be coming from, you will want to fly into the Las Americas airport in Santo Domingo.  

The airport code is SDQ.

Passport / Visa Requirements


You will need your passport but you do NOT need a Visa! 


Tourist cards are NO LONGER NECESSARY as they are now included in your airfare.


Make a copy of your passport and keep it on your person at all times.  We do NOT recommend bringing your passport with you when we go out and about but have a photo copy available ad your passport safe and locked up in your room.

Money Exchange and will you need cash?

American Dollars ARE accepted in the Dominican Republic however for larger purchases you may want to exchange your money to Dominican Pesos.  

When we go out dancing you can use American Dollars but use smaller bills and keep them INSIDE your clothing separated so you are not pulling out a large amount of money in public.  

Many businesses do NOT accept bank or credit cards!  

You will also want to contact your bank and credit card company before we go to let them know that you will be in Santo Domingo so that your card does not get blocked when you use it in a foreign country.  You do NOT want to deal with that from a foreign country!


While you can change your dollars to Dominican Pesos at the airport, the hotel and other locations there, we recommend exchanging your money here in the US as the fees are much higher to exchange your money there.  Most banks can exchange your money for you here with a few days notice to order Dominican Pesos.


You can check the exchange rate here before you go to get your Pesos ordered so you have an idea of what the rate will be.

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